Guided vagal breathing sessions

Slow, deep and light breathing is one way of stimulating your vagus nerve and increasing your vagal tone.
Research has shown that breathing in a rate of approximately 5.5 – 6 breaths per minute ( also known as coherent breathing ) is optimal for the balance of your autonomic nervous system, allowing your body and mind to tone down, relax and regenerate.
Vagal breathing is known to reduce anxiety and increase the parasympathetic nervous system by activating the vagus nerve.

By practicing it regularly, your body will regain its ability to shift between the sympathetic and parasympathetic state on it’s own, building your resilience and ability to quickly adapt and react.

5 min sessions

10 min sessions

Longer guided sessions are being recorded at the moment.

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* Although it is beneficial and relaxing for most, people that are prone to anxiety and/or have a fear of suffocation should refrain from doing longer breathing sessions and start by repeating 5 minute sessions few times a day, as longer sessions could trigger a (delayed) sympathetic response.