Guided breathing sessions for Anxiety & Stress situations

These guided breathing sessions are here to accompany you in your times of need.
Whether it’s a panic attack, anxiety state or any other situation in which your body and mind are out of your control.

There are two recordings that vary in the length of the breath hold and one that should be used in case the breath holds are too much.
Depending on the current state of your respiratory fitness and the severity of your situation you can choose one.

Please note that, in order to prevent anxiety and panic attacks, you need to work on your breathing. Your resilience and stress management are, among other things, closely related to your respiration.

To work on your breathing outside of a panic and anxiety state, please check out our other Guided breathing sessions and exercises.

Small breath holds

Prolonged exhalation

Although this exercises helps in anxiety situations, it is not advisable to do it too often.

For an alternative, please use one of the above tracks when possible.

More guided sessions are being recorded at the moment.

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